About Us


Started off with our humble beginning of 2015 with crafting eliquids solely for brands owners.


We’ve selected major raw materials to fits in our blends on a daily basis.
During 2016, our first brand of Foggy Daddy launched in China during October Vape Show.


As an ex-smokers, who blended the flavors to own liking doesn’t really cater to the global market.


Hence, the birth of FOGS before the VAPEXPO Moscow where developed. And several more series have been developed, which covers; Cultured Drinks, Creams, Candies and much more.


Up till today, we have successfully developed a strong relationship with our esteem customers with beyond 30 brands under our production to date.


With the recent hit of sucralose agenda; we had successfully worked it out with a tight lead time within a week.


Handcrafted method are still practicing till today, it is still the best to measure and keep with the consistency and accuracy which is our philosophy.


Each and every bottled ensures the past of our QC and are packed with care.


Foggy Societies are owned by a smoker are had successfully quit smoking with his own products; and believe the same blends could at least helps thousand to do so.


Quality, Consistency and Transparency


Taste the difference.



Accuracy. Consistency. Quality. Satisfaction.

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